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Make sure your Structural Assets are Safe!

Structural Testing is used to check the integrity of metal structures, including street lighting columns, to ascertain the risk of collapse, or failure, that may cause harm to persons, or property.

Visual Inspection

As part of our integrity based inspection services, we carry out a visual inspection of every asset being tested.

Specialist NDT Testing Methods - Part 1

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) is used to detect cracks, stress fractures and other non-visual defects on ferromagnetic materials.


Continually push the boundaries to provide professional, cost effective solutions for our customers in a straight forward, no-nonsense and honest manner.

An approach that is complimented by our commitment to continue to engage, educate and mentor asset owners to ensure that integrity-based solutions become the norm.


  • Proactive Asset Management Programmes
  • Complete NDT Services
  • Integrated solutions
  • Added value & cost effective
  • Market leading technology
  • Conformity to GN22
  • Pinpoint exact seat of corrosion
  • Failures reported immediately
  • Engineers located across the UK

Maintaining Standards

Intratest has joint UKAS certification to ISO9001:2015 and NHSS8 within the Street Lighting Industry.