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The following are questions that we are often asked

> What areas of the UK do you cover?

Our engineers are strategically located to ensure we can meet our customers needs across the UK.

> Do you have a certified quality system?

Yes – We are certified to ISO9001 extended to cover The National Highway Sector Scheme 8 (NHSS8).

> Do you have a certified Occupational Health & Safety Management System?

Yes - We are certified to ISO45001 extended to cover the Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSiP).

> Are you SafeContractor Accredited?


> Are you a ConstructionLine approved supplier? 

Yes - we are ConstructionLine Gold Approved Supplier for Stuctural Testing

> Do your inspection methods conform to any industry standards?

Yes – Our market leading technology conforms to the Institute of Lighting Professional's Guidance Note 22 (GN22) - Asset-Management Toolkit: Minor Structures (ATOMS).

> Can you test above and below ground?

Yes – Our inspection technology accurately determines corrosion levels above and below ground.

> Is the structural integrity of the column affected?

No - We use only non-destructive testing.

> Is any excavation required in your testing methods?

No – We use the latest technology, which can test for corrosion below ground level without the need for any excavation.

> Do you issue in depth inspection reports?

Yes - for each works project we issue fully detailed reports either in hardcopy or electronic format.

> Do you recommend life expectancy and retest dates?

Yes – In our results package each column is given a life expectancy and recommended retest period

> Can you advise on or arrange traffic management?

Yes – Part of our site survey is to undertake a risk assessment and formulate the most cost effective works schedule. If required we can arrange traffic management.

> Do you offer site surveys?

Yes – From our experience we have found that there are many different types of street lighting columns requiring a range of inspection methods. In most cases we would recommend a site visit to establish which technology is best required.

> Are you able to undertake remedial works?

Yes – Within our specialist NDT division we are able to offer a remedial service which include, replacement of studs, nuts and bolts, and welding repairs

> Can you issue reminders that retests are due?

Yes – retest periods are included in the report and we can review on an annual basis, notifying the customer the column quantity and ID numbers due for retest each year.

> What does PCN 2 mean?

It is the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing qualification with its unique certification number which is accepted worldwide

About Intratest
As part of our commitment to raising standards within our industry, we continually develop the management of our day-to-day activities, through our Business Management Systems, that are independently verified through 3rd party audits to meet industry standards and best practice.

Giving you the reassurance that we operate to the highest possible standards always.

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Continually push the boundaries to provide professional, cost effective solutions for our customers in a straight forward, no-nonsense and honest manner.

An approach that is complimented by our commitment to continue to engage, educate and mentor asset owners to ensure that integrity-based solutions become the norm.


  • Proactive Asset Management Programmes
  • Complete NDT Services
  • Integrated solutions
  • Added value & cost effective
  • Market leading technology
  • Conformity to GN22
  • Pinpoint exact seat of corrosion
  • Failures reported immediately
  • Engineers located across the UK

Maintaining Standards

Intratest has joint UKAS certification to ISO9001:2015 and NHSS8 within the Street Lighting Industry.